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13 Best blender for healthy smoothies and soups.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ve covered the top blenders from Ninja, KitchenAid, Smeg, Breville, Zwilling, Ninja, and NutriBullet, and while some are designed to produce single servings of morning shakes, others are built to make beverages for the entire family. We also looked at how easy the blenders were to clean, the number of settings they had, and, of course, the design quality.

Of course, the ideal blender for you will depend on your unique demands, but for those who prefer a more multi-functional equipment, we also have whole kitchen systems in our guide. Some can also be used to make dough or dry mixes in place of the greatest food processors.

1. ZWILLING Enfinigy

BUY NOW $299

The Zwilling Enfinigy 64-oz. Countertop Power Blender features a really nice design that is current but still classic, which we tried and appreciated. Choose from five presets or manual mixing settings of 12 highly powerful speeds by locking the tritan pitcher into the smart illuminated base.

What we enjoy

Zwilling produces some of the best kitchen knives available. The tritan pitcher is ribbed for a raised finish, and the winglet blades are extremely sharp and produced in Germany.

The Efinigy Countertop Power Blender does not need to be locked into the base; simply slide it in and press down the lid to turn on the control panel. It won’t blend unless the lid is well fastened. This is because a vacuum-sealing attachment may be purchased to keep smoothies and soups fresh in the fridge.

2. NutriBullet Pro 900 Watts


The NutriBullet Pro 900 Series Blender, which comes in a variety of colors and comes with a variety of accessories for sipping on the go and transporting your smoothie around the house, is ideal for smaller servings. It’s a fantastic personal blender that wowed us when we used it for the first time.

What we enjoy

The NutriBullet Pro 900 Series Blender produced excellent smoothies and shakes. They came out quite green, with no unblended seeds or fibers. Kale and grapes were pulverized as well.

The bullet-style blender form is ideal for reaching everything inside the cup, despite its ease of use. To begin making your smoothie, simply twist on the lid and lock it into the powerful blending base.

3. KitchenAid KSB1325PA K150 Blender


The KitchenAid K150 3 Speed Ice Crushing Blender offers excellent value for money. It comes with three settings, a pulse setting, and a large 48-ounce plastic pitcher.

What we enjoy

With this blender, you get a lot of bang for your buck. It has three speeds that are surprisingly powerful for the size of the motor, as well as a pulse mode that crushes ice and gives you complete control.

In the KitchenAid K150, we were able to prepare a thick and creamy smoothie bowl with frozen spinach bits and frozen strawberries. It breezed through lemon slices (peel, seeds, and all), albeit it required some pulsing and swirling to get every last bit of fruit out.

4. Smeg BLF01RDUS 50s Style Blender

BUY NOW $274

We’ve had the opportunity to try out the Smeg BLF01 50s blender, and we can attest that it’s not only beautiful to look at, but also to use. To begin with, there are a variety of hues to choose from, ranging from red to baby blue, all of which include the same high-quality tritan jug and die-cast aluminum base.

What we enjoy

While the design is archaic, the Smeg BLF01 50s Blender is very current in operation. We used it to produce a light and lump-free smoothie using frozen components, which was made much easier by the frozen setting.

We had to wait for our soup to cool before using the pitcher because it is not recommended for use with hot ingredients, but we were pleasantly surprised by how creamy the result was. The lid, which has a stopper for measuring and adding as you mix, made it easy to pour in cream while the blender was working.

5. Breville BJB615SHY the 3X Bluicer Blender 

BUY NOW $299

The Breville The 3x Bluicer is one of our favorites because of its blending and juicing attachments, which combine to form a machine that can prepare just about any drink you can think of.

What we enjoy

Smoothie, Ice Crush, and Cocktail are the three modes of the blender. It also includes a self-cleaning feature that allows you to clean it automatically in under one minute by simply adding water and dish soap.

We discovered that it makes a fantastic smoothie bowl and that it can also be used to power through soups and sauces. It has a huge capacity and a twist-out cover that allows you to add more ingredients as you blend.

6. Ninja BN801 Professional Plus

BUY NOW $169

Many blenders only come with a regular pitcher and require additional attachments. The Ninja Professional Plus Kitchen System with Auto-IQ is a good choice if you wish to broaden your culinary horizons.

What we enjoy

You also get a 64 oz. food processor bowl (for chopping and dough) and two 24 oz. blending cups for single-serve drinks to take away, in addition to the 72 oz. pitcher.

That’s a sizable arsenal at your disposal, making this blender an all-around kitchen companion. Of course, the disadvantage is that you must find storage space for all of the extra pieces, some of which you may never utilize.

There are five Auto-IQ programs: smoothie, ice smash, extract, chop, and dough, but which ones are available depends on the accessory connected: for example, when the food processor is connected, you can’t crush ice, but you can with the single-serve cup and pitcher.



The same company that creates the infamous Instant Pot pressure cooker also makes a blender at a reasonable price. It can also cook, which is an added plus.

What we enjoy

The Instant Ace Nova Cooking Blender, like the Instant Pot, is a true multi-tasker, with nine programs that can handle everything from smoothies to nut milks.

The Instant Ace Nova includes a strong glass pitcher, unlike other blenders at this price point, because plastic is not ideal for preparing meals at high temperatures.



With Auto-IQ crushing power, the Ninja BN701 Professional Plus Blender eliminates the need to stand and monitor your blender. This blender features settings for smoothies, ice crush, and even ice cream blending, each with its own timer and rhythm to make blending as effective as possible.

What we enjoy

The Ninja BN701 Professional Plus Blender’s straightforward controls are one of its best features. Select the Low, Medium, High, or Pulse modes to blitz to your heart’s delight if you want to tailor your blending.


BUY NOW $199

The KitchenAid K400 Variable Speed Blender is available in a stylish choice of colors to complement the company’s renowned mixers.

What we enjoy

It comes with a huge 56 oz. glass jar that is both sturdy and thick. Although it is a little heavy, it provides you an idea of how long this blender will last.

The five-speed settings and pulse, as well as the special modes of smoothie, ice smash, frozen drink, and clean, are all controlled by a single dial on the front.

Because of the pitcher’s weight, no locking mechanism is required: simply place the pitcher and integrated blades on the base and you’re ready to go.



The Rx is a wonderful choice if you want the best NutriBullet blender for all of your blending needs. It can combine hot soups up to one liter in addition to personal-sized 30oz smoothies.

What we enjoy

This blender is decently priced, in our opinion. It has a heating mode that keeps your soup at the correct temperature for serving right out of the blender, and the screw-on cap makes pouring a breeze.

Dishwasher-safe cups are included, as well as a blade-removable tool to make hand-washing easy.

With the 1700 watt engine and stainless steel blades, you can also blend through ice and frozen substances.

11. VITAMIX 5200

BUY NOW $449

The Vitamix 5200 has a certain allure to it. It appears like the kind of blender that belongs in an industrial kitchen, with its tough and simple controls.

The 5200’s quality and power would undoubtedly support this, making it a worthwhile investment for individuals who use a blender on a regular basis.

What we enjoy

In Variable mode, this machine has ten speed options and a switch for High speed. This model does not have a pulse option.

Still, the ten configurable speeds should be sufficient for most tasks, allowing you to switch between leaving chunky sections at low speeds and totally blending at higher speeds.



You’ve probably seen smoothie bowls on Instagram, and now you can make them with this machine. It’s one of the most effective portable blenders we’ve tried.

What we enjoy

The smoothie bowl maker features a built-in tamper, so you don’t have to remove the lid of your blender to make sure every ingredient is smooth.

It’s also good for preparing dips, and you can choose between a ‘dips’ or a ‘bowl’ mode to get the proper consistency and ingredient.


BUY NOW $470

The Breville Super Q is a chunky and massive beast described as an industrial blender for domestic use. Because of the substantial base, it should be more sturdy in usage.

What we enjoy

Despite its size, the blender is simple to put together and includes a huge pitcher as well as a smaller 24 oz. personal cup. The programs pulse/ice crush, smoothie, green smoothie, frozen treat, and soup dominate the front control panel. The latter heats components by friction.

There are a total of 12 manual speed options, ranging from stir to mix to chop to blend to puree to mill. As a result, this machine is a little more difficult to operate, so you’ll need the well-written handbook to assist you in finding the ideal setting.

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